What impact will your donation make?

Since opening in July of 2014, Overflow has donated over $179,000 and hundreds of goods to 23 ministries in Ames and around the world! These donations supported 15 orphans in Uganda, job training in Zimbabwe, 7 college scholarships for vulnerable students in Haiti, 8 children getting adopted, and the ministry of Appalachia Committee! In addition, thousands of families saved money by shopping at our store.  And now, we want to take a minute to dream even bigger with you. What if we could expand our impact?

What if we could serve as a community hub for recycling and re-purposing?

What if we could reach over $1,000,000 a year in sales and 25% giving?

What if we could offer employment opportunities and job training?

What if we can offer merchandise to the community at affordable prices?

We are asking you to join us in supporting this future.



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